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전국우수 학회와 맞먹는 연구성과를 위해 학술대회와 편집/심사기능을 보다 강화하겠습니다.


언어과학, Vol.24 (2017)

Split DP Hypothesis와 유동수량양화사



Over the past few decades a number of challenges have been made to the nature and distributions of FNQs in Korean and Japanese. Nonetheless, we find that many crucial questions still remain unanswered. In this paper, we lay down some minimalist assumptions and demonstrate that simply by combining these, all the lingering problems germane to the previous approaches can be eliminated. Additionally, a variety of puzzles that arise under the traditional A- or A’-movement all fall out nicely. The assumptions include Takahashi and Hulsey’s(2009) ‘Late Merger,’ Fox’s(2002) ‘LF-interpretability’ and our own proposal of the Split DP Hypothesis, which is an elaboration of Sportiche's(2005) ‘Split DP.’ Insofar as the current analysis is sustained, it will supply empirical evidence in support of the theoretical assumptions that we posithere, while further clarifying some residual problems in the minimalist analysis of movement .
  유동수량양화사, 이동의 관점, 부사의 관점, 분리 DP, 후기병합, 의미해석원칙

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