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전국우수 학회와 맞먹는 연구성과를 위해 학술대회와 편집/심사기능을 보다 강화하겠습니다.


언어과학, Vol.24 (2017)

복식어휘의 분류법에 관한 어휘의미론적 연구 : ‘옷’ 포함 복합어를 중심으로


(경북대학교 영남지역 문화어문학 연구인력양성 사업단 참여대학원생)

The primary purpose of this article is to analyze costume culture inherent in the noun, ‘clothes’ from a perspective of lexical semantics. Through this analysis, It also aims to seek the method of analysis of culture with linguistic studies. For this purpose, the researcher analyzed word inner order of the compound formed by noun, ‘clothes’. In particular, this article will deal with vocabulary related to ‘clothes’, which is included in Standard Korean Language Dictionary. First of all, all of the headwords containing ‘clothes’ are surveyed through complete enumeration. Then, the headwords will be extracted only when they prove to have the meaning related to dressing by ‘interpretation’ of each word.
  옷의 의미, 복합어, 표준국어대사전, 어휘의미론, 언어문화, 추상적 복합격

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