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언어과학, Vol.24 (2017)

대학생 토익성적향상을 위한 단기토익특강의 효과분석 - Y’sU 특강사례 중심으로 -





This research study was designed to examine a statistical evaluation of the effects of a short-term TOEIC camp for a 4-year private university in Busan. The 54 participants were selected out of 80 students who attended the short-term TOEIC camp. During the 4-week camp, they took a TOEIC test on the first and fourth weeks, and the scores of the two TOEIC tests were analyzed. Through the statistical analysis of that data, the following was revealed. 1) Over all, the students’ TOEIC scores improved. Therefore, it is reasonable to state that the short-term TOEIC camp was effective in helping students improve their TOEIC scores. 2) The results of analyzing both of the scores pointed that to improve of the score of Listening Comprehension(LC), vocabulary acquisition is more important than grammar acquisition although both vocabulary and grammar abilities proved to be key elements in improving LC and Reading Comprehension(RC). Hopefully this study sheds light on designing more effective curriculum for short-term TOEIC camps for college students in the future
  토익, 듣기능력, 독해능력, 어휘, 단기토익특강, 토익성적의 통계적 분석

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