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언어과학, Vol.24 (2017)

대학 신입생의 협동학습에 관한 연구



The purpose of this study is to explore the relationships among learning style, academic achievement, and learning satisfaction in cooperative learning among first-year university students. Data was collected from 154 first-year university students. Major findings of the study were as follows: First, the learning style affecting academic achievement was only the competitive type. Second, the learning styles affecting learning satisfaction were collaborative and participant types. Third, major opinions on cooperative leaning were found – three positive (colleague’s help, information exchange, and friendly classroom atmosphere) and three negative (shortage of time, free ride effect, difficulty getting together). The directions of further studies were discussed with the limitations of this study.
  학습양식, 학업성취도, 수업만족도, 협동학습, 대학 신입생의 인식, 무임승차

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